Marriage & Relationships

Marriage can be a beautiful thing, a lifelong relationship with someone who sees you at your most intimate moments and loves your true self. Despite what movies tend to show us, building this kind of happy, healthy marriage is no accident; it takes constant collaboration and evolution through life’s many twists and turns.

Even the most dedicated of couples sometimes struggle to protect their relationships against miscommunications and the daily stresses of work, life, and parenting. Dissatisfaction in your relationship can manifest itself in multiple ways:

  • Exhaustion, boredom, or feeling uninspired
  • Feeling unsexy or sexy but unnoticed
  • Dissatisfaction with the level of physical or emotional intimacy with your partner
  • Impatience or irritability
  • More frequent miscommunications, disagreements, or arguments

Your relationship with your partner or spouse affects every part of your life–you both deserve a happy relationship that is emotionally, spiritually, and physically fulfilling. I’m passionate about helping you work through everyday challenges and larger issues that can cause dissatisfaction in your marriage.

Using an integrative approach to therapy that involves the mind, body, and spirit, I will guide you toward clarity in your situation. You will learn effective strategies that can promote kindness, compassion, and love for yourself and your partner.

As you continue to practice these new thought processes and behaviors, you will start to create new pathways in your brain–essentially “rewiring” your mind to think in positive ways that keep you from falling back into negative, unproductive loops and behavior patterns that no longer serve you.

If you’re ready for a happier marriage and family and a more fulfilling life, I’m here to help. Working around a busy schedule? I offer flexible evening appointments and phone/Skype appointments to meet your needs, so schedule your free consultation now.

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