Resolutions that stay! 2020

Why are New Years resolutions such a big aspect of turning another year? Many people talk about the desire to improve their lives. Bringing in the new year with a celebration for positive change is common for the majority of us out there. Why do people have a hard time sticking to resolutions?

True change always begins from the inside………talking about what you want to be different and creating a space inside you for this change to occur are very different. Social reality is the idea that bragging about our goals, actually tricks us into thinking we have already done it. By bragging outside of us to our friends, we get positive feedback for doing something we have not actually accomplished. Our ego naturally finds ways of receiving positive feedback for something we have not done so we feel more elevated, this actually keeps us stuck in the long-term. We get little bits of short happiness that does not contribute to true change.

Get to the core of what makes you happy, not what you think will make you happy……

Another aspect that makes it difficult to create healthy change is fear…..fear is everywhere. Fear and doubt are very easy to do. The truth is, true healthy change always comes from positive thinking, NOT negative thinking or doubt. When we are in this place of negative doubt, this makes our risk for failure grow larger rather than positive self-love, which is where growth comes from.

What can we do different?

Look back at your last resolutions and see if it worked…….Don’t do the same thing and expect different results. Shift your perspective, shift your thinking, shift your thoughts, shift your ideas of true change..…..

1) Ask why questions to your ideas…..Get to the core of what makes you happy,
2) Whatever change we are wanting in our life, decide if this is coming from self-compassion and love, or fear and doubt
3) Set the intention for creating change by thinking differently and practicing thinking differently everyday
4) Be kind to yourself