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Couples Counseling

Not much can compare to the beauty of a supportive relationship with someone who has committed to being your partner. Creating this type of marriage is no easy feat, however–it takes hard work and most couples endure a few rough patches along the way.

Left unresolved, these relationship constraints can be very draining and create difficulties in other areas of your life. If you and your partner are experiencing any of the following relationship issues, couples counseling can get you back in sync.

  • More frequent miscommunications or arguments
  • Misaligned relationship goals
  • Infidelity
  • Dissatisfaction with the level of physical and/or emotional intimacy with your partner
  • Disagreements about roles and responsibilities, such as parenting or house chores
  • Feeling unsexy, or sexy but unnoticed
  • Feelings of boredom, exhaustion, or jealousy
  • Thoughts of divorce

Working through problems together can actually make your marriage stronger. Using an integrative approach to therapy that involves the mind, body, and spirit, I will guide you toward clarity in your relationship in order to build a sustainable partnership that allows for greater joy and satisfaction.

Together, we will agree upon a shared vision of your ideal marriage, identify what you and your spouse would like to improve, and establish a path forward. You will learn effective strategies that promote kindness, compassion, respect, the feeling of being truly heard, and love for yourself and each other.

Give your relationship the attention it deserves. Schedule an appointment with me today.

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