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Parenting & Adoption Struggles

Nothing prepares you for parenthood quite like parenting does; hands-on experience is everything. As a future or current parent, you probably realize that the responsibilities and realities of parenting have changed significantly over the past few decades.

More families have two parents in the workforce, forcing both to juggle multiple roles every day: successful professional, doting parent, loving partner or spouse, and more. Single parents may struggle with these same issues in addition to a greater sense of isolation.

Adoptive parents often experience their own unique challenges as they navigate the adoption process and welcome a new child or children to their family. If you are making the decision to adopt, you may have experienced medical disappointments in the past. You might also be facing issues that you won’t be aware of until you adopt a child. Many times, unexpected feelings arise after adoption and new parents must know how to embrace these circumstances with a clear plan.

All in all, parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. There will be many layers to your experience and it’s okay to not know everything. I’m here when you need a little assistance navigating life’s challenges and transitions.

Embrace CALM THROUGH parenting

I specialize in helping new and experienced parents cope with the stresses and challenges involved in raising families. Utilizing an integrative approach that examines the whole you–the mind, body, and spirit–and the entirety of your parenting situation, I will teach you to promote calm and clarity in your life.

You will learn to shift your perspective about parenting challenges and experience greater joy through self-compassion. We’ll go beyond talk therapy, sharing effective solutions to address the daily struggles of parenting and helping you find fulfillment in your many roles.

Let’s work together to enhance your overall quality of life, so you can be the best version of yourself for your entire family. Start embracing parenting with love, today!

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