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Psychological Evaluations

The brain affects every part of the body, from mood regulation and cognitive performance to physical wellbeing. When things start feeling a little “off,” psychological evaluations can help to understand what is happening in the brain and how this impacts mental and physical health.

Psychological evaluations may include tests and other assessment tools aimed at analyzing a patient’s behavior, in order to guide diagnosis and treatment.

You may benefit from a psychological evaluation if you:

  • Believe you may be affected by depression and/or anxiety disorders (including panic attacks), and would like more information before consulting a psychiatrist about medication
  • Are requesting time off from work and must provide more information to Human Resources
  • Are experiencing declines in memory and executive function
  • Are struggling in work, school, or personal relationships
  • Want greater perspective on how your brain affects the ways you think, feel, and act

I find that for many patients, a psychological evaluation can be an integral part of their treatment plan. Request your customized evaluation today–schedule an appointment with me now.