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ADHD is a condition that makes it difficult to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors. People experiencing this condition can struggle with hyperactivity–they can feel restless or need to be constantly active (e.g., talking, fidgeting, or tapping).

Oftentimes, adults with ADHD have consistently disappointing jobs and relationships in their lives. If you struggle with ADHD, you may:

  • Feel paralyzed or overwhelmed when attempting to organize your room
  • Find yourself spending money on organizational solutions that don’t work
  • Feel like you work hard but never make progress
  • Know exactly what you want to do but can’t get started for some reason

ADHD can steal your productivity and make you feel as though you’re running on a treadmill, like there is never enough time. I understand and I’m here to tell you there is hope: ADHD can be treated. I specialize in addressing conditions like ADHD naturally, using an integrative approach that examines the whole you–your mind, body, and spirit–for greater lasting success.

Together, we’ll focus on improving clarity in your life so you feel in control again. As you shift your habits and thought processes, you’ll start “retraining” your brain to regain focus and attention in your life. You will create more purpose each day with clear and feasible objectives. You’ll gain peace of mind and transform your frustration into clarity and purpose.

Although I specialize in treating patients at least 12 years of age, I also offer neuropsychological testing to patients of all ages, which can be useful in diagnosing ADHD symptoms in childhood.

You’re not alone; I can help you treat your ADHD for a calmer, clearer, and more productive life. Schedule your free consultation now.

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