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The end of a marriage can be one of life’s most heartbreaking experiences. During divorce, there is a lot to process–intense emotions, uncomfortable but necessary conversations, and maybe even worries about helping children through the transition.

Afterwards, it’s natural to feel a little lost about how to move on. You may experience feelings of loss and failure, and struggle to find out what this new phase of life looks like for you and your family.

It is critical to work through emotions like anger, resentment, and fear; strong emotions can block our higher executive functioning brain areas that are essential for decision making, critical thinking, and organization. I want to help you avoid making poor choices out of anger, which can cause more suffering, and guide you toward creating a clear mindspace so you can plan the rest of your life.


I’m here to support you through this very challenging transition of your life. I can assist in facilitating conversations between you and your former partner during divorce, so you can work through issues efficiently, in a cordial and safe space. I also specialize in helping you heal after divorce using an integrative approach that involves the mind, body, and spirit.

We’ll work together to find clarity in a potentially chaotic situation so you can let go of negative emotions that don’t serve you, such as guilt, anger, resentment, and stress, and start creating a better, healthier you. I can also guide you through future transitions you may encounter after divorce, including starting new relationships and blending families.

There can be a greater amount of positive growth during challenging times. Let’s build a more empowered you and help you discover a clearer perspective of what your new life looks like.

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